November 10, 2012

Review ~ Tonymoly Cats Wink Crazy Tint Stick #3 blue

Hai hai I'm back again ♥ It's been a long time since my last lips review, so here you go :D
This product is sponsored by Cosmetic Love thank you so so much again :') . 
I've been into lipstick recently but lip tint are still the best for me, they stay longer on my lips, you don't need 
to apply them with a separate brush, your boyfriend won't have any lipstick if you kiss him, oh wait that's not 
the subject. Anyway hope you'll like the review ♥

Tonymoly Cats Wink Crazy Tint Stick 3 Color:
This lip balm-type stick tint is an improved version of a liquid-type tint to add moisture to the lips.
Easy to apply,long lasting,not spread tint.

It exists in 3 diferent version and color:
1. Crazy Green : Red Color, Apple Flavor
2. Crazy Yellow : Orange Color, Orange Flavor
3. Crazy Blue : Pink Color, Melone Flavor
Cosmetic Love said that the blue one's color changes according to your lips temperature, sounds pretty
amazing right :D. And actually it's true, when I tried it on yesterday you could barely see the color because it
was so so cold here, today it looks vibrant since I stayed at home the whole day LOL.

The packaging is freakin cute ! I was like, awwww ~~~
However, it's plastic, really lightweight so it actually looks like a toy :)

Tonymoly suggests you to apply it with a brush. But I don't recommend to do so, just because it's a lip tint,
 not a lipstick, you won't grab lots of pigments with a brush anyway, just apply it with the stick directly on 
your lips :). It feels really moisturizing and not drying at all, but I still recommend you to scrub/condition your 
lips before applying anything on :).

Bare lips

1 swipe

3 swipes

After eating and drinking

1 swipe, 2 swipes and 3 swipes.

There's not a huge difference in color, what you have to remember is that, the more swipes you apply, the
 more long lasting the color will be :).
Now about the taste... Actually. This liptint is really similar to the Etude House follow me tint in 
pink. It tastes like tangerine/melon (the exact same taste actually), the color is almost the same except that I 
like the tonymoly one more  because it's more pinkish, the etude house looks a bit purple. The tonymoly tint 
is more sheer as well :).

- The cute packaging
- The color
- It feels moisturizing
- Easy to apply
- Color that doesn't fade, long lasting
- 3 shades available

- The taste
- It feels a bit like a toy

Have a nice week end ♥ (By the way there is a chatbox on the left now, feel free to leave a comment :3)

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