April 4, 2012

Review ~ Etude House Nymph aura volumer #3 Transparent

Hello girls ~~  I'm back with a new review for you :D.
So, I was looking at Cosmetic Love's new products on their ebay shop and I saw this volumer which is the 
3rd type, Transparent nymph aura ! And if you read my blog, you know that I'm a huge fan of glowy/dewy skin so I definitely wanted to try it and ... I bought it ! ♥

So, this is the 3rd product from the Nymph aura volumer line, you can take a look at the other reviews here 
(very old review, I'll take new pictures later) and here

For people who don't know what it is, this product adds a glow, a dewy effect to your face, just like Korean
 idols or actresses :).

As usual you can mix the volumer with BBcream, but remember that you will have less coverage if you 
choose to apply it this way, I usually use it after applying BBcream and powder, on my cheekbones and 
forehead :). 

It looks super princessy ! And I love their motto "Wanna be sweet ? Play Etude !"

The packaging is a bit different from the two other versions, this one is not pinkish, and the logo is different
 too, which makes it maybe too simple ? The bottle still has a pinkish shine but you can't see it on the picture.
 For the size, it's still the same, you have lots of product ♥

You may have to pump it several times for the product to come out ~ (when you first use it)

{ S W A T C H E S }

Unlike the #1 which is kind of orange, this one is pink (different ingredient I guess)

What I like about it, it's that it is not sticky (unlike the #1 of course), it gives you a beautiful and healthy 
glow, it looks particularly nice under sunlight since the shine is obvious, and it doesn't look greasy.
Now it may doesn't look greasy but it feels a bit oily, it's normal or else it won't be that glowy.

I have an combination/oily skin that's why I don't apply it on my nose because it oils up very very quickly,
but it feels ok when I apply it on my cheekbones, it doesn't look cakey at all, it actually looks moisturized :D.
So, if you have oily skin and want to try this product, but you don't like the #1 because it's sticky, the #2 
because it's too pink, try the #3 !

Without volumer

With volumer (close up so you can see better)

{ C O M P A R I S O N }

Top: #1 pure
Bottom: #3 transparent

The #1 looks more shiny that the #3 and is definitely more sticky.
#1 is sticky whereas the other one is not.
#2 gives a more natural glow that the #1.

Overall this is a great product for people who couldn't choose between the #1 and #2 because one was too 
sticky and the other one was too pink, just try this :D. It is great that Etude House has released this one, I 
was disappointed because the #1 was too sticky and I didn't wanted to look pink at first ! So I'm happy to 
have this volumer which is perfect for spring ♥.

That's all for the moment, bye bye ^__^ ♥