December 30, 2011

Review: Lioele Pop Cherry tint

Here is my favorite liptint so far. I've been using this one in a lot of tutorial, and I saw ulzzang using it too so I thought it was pretty good and decided to purchase it. I don't remember where I got it, sorry :C.

Description by Lioele:
By including Rose Water, it is a tint as cherry color and watery type with fragrant rise perfume. With smooth adhesion naturally makes your lips colorful and pure for a long time.

(One swipe)

- The color ! It's not pink, it's not red, it's like... well, a cherry color ? Between pink and red, but if you apply 10 swipes I think it will start to look red.
- Buidable color, one-two swipes for a natural color, and more swipes for a vibrant color.
- You can apply it on your cheeks, it will last long !
- The packaging is cute, my mom asked me why I was putting nail polish on my lips...
-It's not sticky, since it's liquidy it will dry fast on your lips ~

- The bitter taste @@.
- It does last long... until I eat, i think it's because i apply only 1 to 2 swipes but it's ok :].
- Pricey (14$)